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As you have seen in the benefits sections, IMHA-RVIC has set up many programs to assist you and your company to prosper in the future. You will find a full list of benefit programs in your membership packet and you can find the announcement of new programs in newsletter communications. These programs are an important part of the benefits of membership, and we urge you join today to take advantage of them.

When you become a member of IMHA-RVIC, you will be kept up-to-date on industry changes and have the opportunity to network with other industry professionals at a variety of events throughout the year.

Members benefit from legislative tracking, lobbying efforts, and staying connected on the latest information on Federal and State Regulations.

With the help of IMHA-RVIC’s website and electronic communications, you will become more informed MH or RV professional.

So download the appropriate application below and get it turned in to start benefiting from you IMHA-RVIC membership.

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